ALUMIL M19800 Accordion Alutherm

The М 1 9800 system with heat insulation as its basic feature, responds to the needs for installing folding doors in residences, shops and other areas. It is ideal for covering large openings, such as car shows, restaurants, leisure areas, etc.

Its basic features are:

  • Smooth rolling and durability
  • Takes up minimum space due to its folding mechanism enhancing visibility towards the surrounding area
  • Water-air tightness is achieved with four gaskets (EPDM) fitted around the structure
  • Very low profile for the threshold
  • Sash active width 50 mm
  • Structures with any number of sashes and various dimensions can bе constructed bу using а special articulated hinge with four heavy type rollers (200 kg per sash)
  • 24 mm up to 32 mm glazings