ALUMIL M11000 Alutherm Plus

The М 11000 АLUТНЕRМ РLUS system is а tested and reliable opening system studied and designed in order to bе suitable for а wide range of applications. It is certified 1n order to fulfill all modem demands regarding heat and sound
1nsulation as well as safety.

The features of the system are the following:

  • Wide variety of choices for frame types (minimal, modem, neoclassic, traditional and inox)
  • Especially designed profiles for any type of opening doors, ideal for professional
    premises and residential applications as well as for frame replacement
  • Sash active width of 62.5 mm making the system more solid
  • High sound insulation (up to 52 dB) with three series о( special gaskets (EPDM) following the concept о( “ALUSEAL” system for maximum possible water-air tightness
  • Special polyamide (24 mm) for increased heat insulation and for this reason it is
    classified in the category of high heat insulation (GROUP 2.1 К=2.6) bу IFТ ROSE NHEIM
  • 24 mm up to 50 mm glazings