• To comply with a unique colour request of the architect;
  • Attractive price, short production terms and custom dimensions-important for the investor;
  • Systems for mounting and installation, catalogues with technical details- important for the designer;

ETEM Building Systems produces composite panels painted in any RAL catalogue colour. Our collaboration with the world leading manufacturers of finishes – ELVAL, Euramax, Becker enables the production of unique colours imitating natural aluminium, various wood patterns, stone and marble, and chameleon type that can change its colour depending on the sun light

Whether a building is situated in the center of a city with high level of dust and fume or in coastal environment with salty atmosphere, the surface of the cladding material is exposed to a risk of fading and paint oxidation if improper coating is used. etalbond /etalbond FR, uses 3-layered colour coating PVDF Kynar 500 or Very High Durability Polyester, that meets the standards of the American Association of Producers (AAP) adopted by ETEM, assuring at least 15 years of warranty even in the most severe environment. The coating is tested as per ECCA and the whole process is certified as per ISO 9001.

Technical properties:

  • Possibility for production in custom widths u pon inquiry. Minimum order quantity: 1500 m².
  • Possibility for production in custom lengths (from 2000 up to 9000 mm) upon inquiry. M in imum order quantity: 100 m².
  • In case of Metallic and New Look series the colour may slightly vary between production batches.
  • To ensure the colour consistency we recommend the material for one façade to be of one and the same batch.
  • Colour inconsistency is not observed for Solid colour
  • Possibility for production of custom colours (as per RAL catalogue). Minimum order quantity: 1500 m².
  • Arrows (printed on the protective film and on the back side of the panel) must follow the same direction, when the panels are installed on the building, to avoid variations in colour perception.

Rigidity and weight

The combination of high rigidity and high strength makes the panels retain their shape and remain flat, even when exposed to extreme temperature changes.

The composite structure of etalbond / etalbond FR provides an impressive strength-to-weight ratio advantage compared to other solid materials and makes etalbond a preferred material.