Openable components

Due to the full compatibility of Schüco – systems for doors and windows, various functional and design solutions for openable components in suspended facades and sloping roof glazings can be implemented. The systems meet the highest requirements for optimal thermal insulation – from automatically openable roof windows though vented valves or parallel openable windows to multifunctional emergency doors and automated systems.

Depending on the area of insertion and the various requirements, openable elements appertain to the series of fire and smoke protection, sound insulation and protection against breaking open, bullets and explosions, but they always have a uniform design.

Openable elements of Schüco are always main components in the implementation of integrated building concepts with emphasis on energy efficiency, security and comfort, and they are equipped with hidden motors and control devices as well as connectivity to the building automation.

Schüco AWS 102 windows

Efficient ventilation in high-tech facades – these are Schüco AWS 102 windows in PAF execution (the wing opens parallel to the facade board) or SK (openable element of “valve” type for insertion into the facade). The opportunity of large dimensions ensures optimal ventilation conditions.

The innovative window system can be perfectly integrated into the facade geometry without affecting the overall facade optics.

Main characteristics:

  • Applicable in FW50+/FW60+ and FW50+SG/FW60+SG systems;
  • Opportunity for automatic or manual opening;
  • Opportunity for insertion of a sensor for locking control;
  • Economy of space: the openable element is not positioned in the room;
  • Opportunity for delivery of different types of wings;

Schüco AWS 102.NI windows

Aluminium window Schüco AWS102.NI (non-insulated) – particularly suitable for application in temperate climate zones

Main characteristics:

  • A very cost-effective, non-insulated version of Schüco AWS 102;
  • Applications, maximum dimensions, maximum weights of wing and cladding are identical with those of Schüco AWS 102;
  • Executable as PAF or SK option