Schuco FW 50+ AOS/AOT / FW 60+ AOS/AOT

Glazing of additional supporting structures

Expressive architecture can be achieved through differentiated material selection. The best example is insulated glazing on steel and wooden supporting structures for vertical facades and roofs. They can implement strong technical and design solutions with characteristic optics: as an interesting aesthetical combination of aluminum and wood, or with fine steel supporting components with high-tech charm.

Another application of glazing of supporting structures is roof glazing which is implemented via systems with a great variety of executable shapes and a wide range of applications. The reason for this is the perfect combination of the systems with Schüco roof windows (skylights type), which makes them suitable for winter gardens.

Furthermore, a wide range of decorative aluminium caps expands the design assortment.

FW 50+ AOS / FW 60+ AOS

Glazing of steel structures -FW 50+ AOS / FW 60+AOS system is perfectly combined with fine steel supporting structures.

For steel supporting structures of roof glazing, the system offers elegant technical and optical solutions. It can be combined with Schüco roof elements, which makes it suitable for winter gardens. By means of the greatest possible raster widths, bright and cosy rooms are made.

FW 50+ AOТ / FW 60+ AOТ

Glazing of wooden structures – FW 50+ AOТ / FW 60+AOТ system combines in an optimal way high-tech technology with aesthetical image and cosiness.

Main characteristics:

  • Big raster areas for perfect access of light;
  • Thermal insulation system for roof glazing and vertical facades;
  • Variety achieved by outer decorative aluminium caps.