Schuco FW 50+ / FW 60+

Standard for vertical facades

All types of facades and roof glazing can be implemented via the proven multifunctional systems FW50 + and FW 60 +. FW 50 + / FW 60 + has significat advantages in terms of performance of segmented and polygonal glazing with internal and external angles. Their options with increased insulation (HI) ensure compliance with all standard regulations and requirements.

Roof glazings

Even the most complex roof structures such as pyramids, domes, polygons and multiple- slope glazings are implemented flawlessly via FW 50 + and FW60 + systems. Especially for large projects such as shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and amusement parks, elegant roof glazing with large supporting distances can be executed.

Warm-cold facade

Through the basic systems FW50+ and FW60+, cost-effective warm-cold facades are executed by using different combinations and with great freedom of facade cladding design. They offer a great flexibility to alternate between warm and cold zones. The thin visible widths of 50 resp. 60 mm ensure attractive design with Pfosten-Riegel (column-beam) optics. Facade constructions have also advantages in terms of security: the solid parts of the facade in front of the boards serve as fire protection and provide excellent noise insulation. The systems are suitable for all types of smooth and porous fillers and they contain all components for connection and transition of the facade to the wallWarm-cold facade and for attachment to a substructure. Another advantage: there is significant reduction of working time since finishing works can be performed simultaneously with the fitting of the facade.