Alumil M6 Solar

The series was introduced after the М1 and М2 classic curtain walls, developed on three main directions:

  • better insulation
  • emphasis on simple manufacturing
  • ideal system for water drainage

The system has the following features:

  • Wide range of caps and mullions offering а variety of facades, such as decorative aluminum or stainless steel covers
  • No special mechanical equipment is needed for its manufacturing
  • Wide variety of applications,ranging from simple flat constructions to complex, inclined constructions and atrium constructions (combined with atrium system М 1 0800)
  • Cross-sections for filling large-scale grids
  • Projecting windows which саn bе built-in in order to bе on the same level with the rest of the construction, as well as all types of doors and windows of the М 11ООО series
  • Certified bу IFT ROSENHEIM and classified in the highest category for all the performed tests
  • 24 mm up to 50 mm double glazings