Schuco SFC 85

The new thermally insulated facade system Schüco SFC 85 (Stick Frame Construction), as a structural facade, enables high-value architectural solutions. By integrating of openable elements in the supporting structure, an identical vision is achieved inside and outside, with both openable and fixed areas. The tested system solution with three types of glazing and with the new cladding generation enables various facade design opportunities on the outside.

Main characteristics:

  • Completely integrated structural openable components in the supporting structure in combination with a hidden electrical opening mechanism;
  • Identical optics for the areas of openable and fixed components, inside and outside, by means of newly developed insulators;
  • Visible profile width 85 mm
  • Three types of glazing for various facade implementations;
  • A new cladding generation, allowing for maximum weight: up to 250 kg. with openable components and 300 kg. with fixed components;
  • A stepless limiter for locking of manually openable components of “valve” type

Types of glazing

Within Schüco SFC 85 system, three types of glazing are applicable: insulating glass with outer glass indentation, standard insulating glass with silicon joints and standard insulating glass with externally positioned glass bearers. All options meet various international construction requirements as well as specific standards of the individual countries.

Whereas various types of insulating glass allow for perfect execution of structural glazing, the glazing option with glass bearers provides an additional option for the system – facade implementation with frame optics.

New generation of claddings

For the integrated openable elements of Schüco SFC 85 facade system, a new generation of claddings is developed, with an assortment corresponding to the highest standards of contemporary architecture.

Seven window scissors of “valve” type and two different types of claddings enabling a parallel opening of the wing are available for wings with maximum admissible weight of 250 kg.

New: limiter for opening of “valve” type window components. The limiter locks the window securely and steplessly at any desired angle of opening, even under variable wind load (pressure and suction).