Schuco UCC 65

Elemental facades

Even exceptional architectural designs with high quality building materials are generally subject to economic planning and production. That is why Schüco has developed flexible elemental facades, which are based on a comprehensive tested modular principle and a system solution that includes all necessary components for production and assembly. Depending on the project, they can implement thermally insulated elemental facades with frame or structural optics. This can be implemented with high economic profitability, and thanks to the high degree of pre-production and the opportunities for attractive design. The flexible compatibility of modular elements is a prerequisite for optimal adaptation to the specific requirements for the individual building site.

All system components, including details for production and assembly are tested by reputable institutions in terms of optimizing functionality as well as reduction of design and construction work.

Schüco elemental facades offer tested system solutions for building sites, bringing together in a perfect way economy, functionality and design.

Elemental facades offer significant advantages in terms of the opportunities of higher quality and a significant reduction of the overall expenses at shorter performance deadlines. This type of facades allows for a high degree of overall production of the components in the contractor’s workshop, including glazing and installation of panels and openable elements. There is no need of scaffold for the building, since only suspension of components is performed on the building site, whereby the components’ parameters cannot exceed weights of 400 kg and dimensions of 2500 x 3500 mm.

Advantages of elemental facades:

  • Reduced installation periods;
  • Improved product quality;
  • A better opportunity for observation of contractual deadlines because of reduced dependence of atmosphere conditions;
  • Quicker performance of interior construction works by means of separate storey installation;
  • Quicker and easier completion of the building site;

Schüco UCC 65 SG

Schüco UCC 65 SG (Unitized Customized Construction) is a variable, effective modular system that can implement elemental facades with uniform optics. The system provides narrow visible widths on the inside, up to 65 mm, whereby the main difference as compared to special constructive solutions is in the proven components by reputable institutes. All other details about these components can be optimally adapted to the project.

Schüco USC 65 – a comprehensive system solution

Schüco USC 65 is a comprehensive and overall tested system solution, which encompasses all necessary components for manufacturing and installation of elemental facades.

Main characteristics:

  • Equal width of the visible parts of the profiles across the whole facade frame – up to 65 mm;
  • High degree of sealing due to the proven 3-chamber system and the principle of drainage through overlapping;
  • Excellent structure parameters guaranteed by independent testing institutions;
  • Uf – values up to 1, 75 W/m²K;
  • e-connect: a nexus for the factory-adjusted connections for electrical components, including the hidden, safe and rational electrical wiring of components

In terms of architectural design, the system offers interesting options: elemental facade with frame optics and a variety of glass bearers.